February 18, 2014

Meet the Socialist Alliance Candidates in the Tasmanian Election 2014

No pulp mill: Vote Socialist Alliance in Tasmania!

Tasmanian Election Promotion 
Vote 1 Shaine Stephen in Denison 
Vote 1 Jenny Forward in Franklin

Socialist Alliance Candidate for Denison,Tasmanian State Election 2014

Shaine Stephen runs a small business in Hobart and lives with his wife in the foothills of Mt Wellington. Shaine is passionate about Tasmania’s potential to be able to deliver the things people really need – a healthy environment, fulfilling jobs, community democracy and good healthcare and housing.

Shaine condemns the recent cuts to health, education and other public services and believes that the government can create jobs, revitalise the economy and look after people by boosting funding to these services. Shaine opposes the partial privatisation of public housing, the attempts to privatise Aurora and the selling of public assets. Instead, he calls for more high-quality, energy efficient public housing to be built and for Tasmania to become powered by 100% renewable energy. He opposes the pulp mill and calls for free, frequent, energy efficient public transport and for an end to handouts to big corporations, especially ones that destroy the environment.

In addition, Shaine supports justice for Aboriginal people and refugees and stands up for workers’ rights, women’s rights and equality for all.

Shaine is an activist committed to building movements that put people and the environment before profit.

A vote for Shaine Stephen and the Socialist Alliance is a vote for a progressive Tasmania!


Socialist Alliance Candidate for Franklin, Tasmanian State Election 2014

Jenny Forward grew up in the Huon, where her family has lived for generations, but she now lives in Kingston. She’s well aware of the hardships faced by rural communities and therefore she will stand up for better access to employment, education and training, affordable housing, health care and community services. Jenny will also protect Tasmania’s share of the GST.

She’s currently a public hospital social worker and a union delegate for the CPSU. Jenny has also worked as tenant's advocate and child protection worker so she understands the challenges that many families face in making ends meet. She firmly believes that we need to increase the discount given to Tasmanian pensioners and low-income earners to help them pay their electricity, water, and sewerage bills and explore scrapping water and sewerage charges.

Jenny is also campaigning for: urgent action on climate change, an energy future based on renewables and green jobs, no fracking in Tasmania, no Tamar Valley pulp mill; marriage equality and equal rights for all; public ownership of essential services (including the Hydro) and free and frequent public transport and an increased funding boost for health, education and housing.

A vote for Socialist Alliance is not a vote lost as the full value of your vote will go to your next preference. Your vote for Socialist Alliance sends a clear message to the other parties that there is discontent in the Franklin electorate.

Jenny Forward is standing as a candidate for Socialist Alliance as she believes that together we can build an independent and grass-roots community that places the environment and people before profit. The needs of the battlers must take priority over the greed of big business. Vote for a progressive alternative by voting for Socialist Alliance and join us in the struggle for a better world.